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Global Fiber & Data Solutions Inc is an I.T. and technology support company for businesses, industry, healthcare, Government and other entities who need a partner to help them navigate the many options to solve common tech related problems and needs. GFD was formed by President and founder Steven McDonald, a former BellSouth & AT&T employee, along with co-founder Ronnie Rhodes, a 34 year Southwestern Bell & AT&T retiree. The initial plan was to address the country’s need for more effective AT&T account management and care, and that mission is still at the heart of the company today, but we have of course expanded widely to encompass so much more our clients I.T. needs far beyond just telco things. Steven has been involved in the technology and telecom industry since 1999 and has worked for AT&T, BellSouth, MCI, Sprint and Qwest providing complex voice and data solutions to enterprise level clients all across the United States prior to starting Global Fiber & Data. Today, we leverage our experience to help businesses of all sizes by bringing them a highly skilled company that can provide and support all forms of I.T. related things like Network security, Backup and Storage, Surveillance Video, Voice, Data, Internet, Cloud phone systems and so much more - in a non-biased consultative environment. Our ability to negotiate special rates and “think outside the box” where technical design elements are concerned, helps business owners and IT professionals find the best technology and price-points to meet their unique needs. 




Global Fiber & Data has a unique ability to work with multiple vendors to secure lower, negotiated pricing from various carriers and equipment providers (including the clients’ existing vendors as needed). In addition, we will pro-actively manage those relationships, services and billing for as long as the client chooses at no cost to the client. Since all agreements are negotiated on behalf of the client with these respective carriers and operators, the client is never in any obligation with Global Fiber & Data, and therefore pays nothing for the proactive account management and handling that is provided by us because we are paid directly by the carriers and operators as their representation.


This method of account management works perfectly for our clients, because they have all the benefits of having an experienced consultant watching, monitoring and proactively working for them at all times, plus the freedom to make choices and changes at any time as their needs evolve.


Global Fiber & Data typically saves clients 25% to 55% when handling telecom migrations from an existing carrier to another, and we have customers across the U.S. who rely on our expertise and on-going telecom expense management.


Let Global Fiber & Data help you find the right fit for your company’s telecom and equipment needs…..Telecom just got a lot simpler.


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