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Like all Telecom Consultancies, we offer our years of experience and know-how to you free of charge to help you find the best pricing, design and service from a wide variety of carriers and help you find the right fit for your company's unique needs. But you should know that UNLIKE any other Telecom Consultancy, Global Fiber & Data specializes in two very specific levels of expertise; and they are:


1) We specialize in the design, implementation and on-going account support of Voice, Data and Internet services delivered over Fiber Optic Access facilities (Ethernet) specifically. Like other telecom consultancies, we of course do our share of circuit orders for services requiring Copper Access facilities every year, but we have more years of experience than any other telecom consultancy where Fiber Optic / Ethernet service delivery is concerned. We specialize in fiber design, pricing and MOST IMPORTANTLY - implementation and on-going support of the much more complex Fiber Optic access delivery. All telecom company direct reps want to sell you Ethernet / Fiber as a means of making their quotas every month; however, only a small percentage of those reps really understand all the intricacies of fiber optic access facility deployment. When poorly or ineffectively managed, this can very often can lead to un-necessary downtime, porting issues, IP address failures and billing nightmares for your company. We not only understand all of this intimately, but unlike most reps or telecom consultants, we have all the right contacts to allow us to work directly with the provisioners, upper management and LEC outside plant personnel where we "speak their language" and help avoid the caveats and problems we know to expect. We dot every I and cross every T before we ever do a design or place an order, so you are ahead of the curve when we enter the fiber provisioning process. Try and find this level of expertise anywhere else....you won't find it. 


2) Since Global Fiber & Data is made up of former BellSouth, SBC and AT&T employees, we all have an in-depth understanding and years of experience dealing with AT&T specifically. This expertise is one thing you just cannot get anywhere else - even through an assigned AT&T representative in many cases. While we certainly engage as needed and work with over 30 telecom carriers to suit our clients' needs, AT&T is often the hardest carrier for a customer to do business with on their own - it is simply a very different company and its telecom solutions and provisioning methodology have well known complexity. If you have an existing account with AT&T, and have no assigned rep (or no real relationship with your rep) have struggled to get proper account management and support, or are tired of every time you call in being told your rep has moved or left, then you are in good hands with us. We operate under a Solution Provider license where AT&T grants us the same abilities to contract and order new AT&T services, manage your account, upgrade existing circuits, handle migrations, moves, etc and in many cases around the country we have been asked by our clients to act as the their single point of contact for all things related to AT&T. So, if you are reading this and any of this applies to you, feel free to contact us to discuss your options and future. 


Aside from our two primary goals and specific strengths above, Global Fiber & Data consults with you in general to help determine the best voice, data, video, or Internet products to fit the needs of your company. We work on your behalf and negotiate with all of the major telecom carriers to secure not only the best pricing for the services you have or need, but also the most reliable and proven services. All of this plus on-going proactive account management is provided to you at no cost. Telecom just got a lot simpler.....




How do I get started?

Just complete the web form on the "Contact Us" tab and we will use our industry know-how to make confident recommendations for products and services that will greatly impact your business. We will go to work with all major providers, allowing us to help you to select the correct carrier to best meet your specific needs. 


We will also gladly analyze your current network or carrier billing invoices to determine if a cost savings can be achieved, or if the amount you are paying is great enough for you to get more bandwidth or other service for the same cost. And even though we provide industry-leading customer service, your company won’t be charged a dime for this service, because we are the paid representation of the different carriers and equipment providers we work with. 


Unlike most consultants, Global Fiber & Data does not bill its customers for consultation or auditing fees. The carrier(s) you select pay us for helping them to provide the services you need for your business. And because we have direct relationships will all major providers, we are not influenced by loyalties or having to meet a quota.


You can always be certain that you are receiving the best products, lowest rates, and best service available for years to come with us by your side.

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